Doc Bar
Doc O' LenaPoco Lena
Smart Little Lena   Peppy San
Smart Peppy         Royal Smart
       Mr San Peppy
                  Peppy San Badger         Sugar Badger
Docs Little Peppy  Doc Bar
Doc's Sequoia      Chickasha Lena

       Rocket Wrangler
Dash For Cash    Find A Buyer
Mr Eye Opener    Beduino
Bedawee            Ought To Go
                 Raise Your Glass
Special Effort      Go Effortlessly
Marockets Effort            Jaguar Rocket
Marocket  Joleo Pac Marble

       Doc Bar
Doc's Drifter         Annie Wood
Docs Grand Image         Jo Jo Hancock
Kathy Hancock     Amber Dun
       Bar Gold
My Roan Gold      Prissy Roan
Bar Gold Sassie   Uncle Bars
Wallace Neil Bar    Lady's Z

        Doc O'Lena
Smart Little Lena   Smart Peppy
Lenas Wright On   Isle Breeze
Slide Me Again     Starlet Showdown
      King Fritz
Fritz Command      Sutherland's Miss
Miss Magic Command     Major Bonanza
Motion Magic        Miss Otoe Lark

Smart Lil Riddler
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Eye Opening Effort
               The Wright Magic                       Smart Lil Riddler
           1998 Buckskin Stallion       1997 Sorrel Stallion   
              Eye Opening Effort                        Bar Doc Gideon
              2003 Gray Stallion                  1997 Palomino Stallion
Bar Doc Gideon
The Wright Magic
This horse will sale.
Smart Lil Riddler
Our Stallions
Our stallions are bred to produce like the mares.  We have Eye Opening Effort for his speed.  He didn't race but his full brother has a SI 102.  Effort should produce barrelracers dreams.
We recently purchased Smart Lil Riddler.  We had breed two mares to him before he came available for purchase.  These colts have a wonderful deposition, athletic, good looking.  They made us want to own him.